Wix Website Tidy-Up


Wix website nearly completed and only need the help of a pro you clean up your layout and tidy-up any loose ends?


Starling Memory's Mini Makeover services will keep your original design intact, and provide a thorough tidying of all of your design elements and written content.




Wix Website Mini Makeover services include;

  • Client design brief

  • General clean-up and proper alignment of all of your existing design elements and text boxes. 

  • Optional color palette customization and custom font pairings.

  • Assistance with website activation and linking of domain name.

  • Basic SEO set-up, including; keywords, page titles, tags, and descriptions.

  • Mobile version editing.

  • Choice of any Small Budget PreMade Logo from Starling Memory shop inventory.

  • Wix Tutorial Session (approx. 1hr)


  • All Wix sites are created under each client's account, as opposed to the website being transferred at the end of the design process.

  • Revisions to the design and layout of the website are unlimited during the design phase. Once final approval has been given, additional fees for website editing may apply.

  • Domain name registration and hosting fees are paid by each client, and not included in any of Starling Memory's web design packages.  To find out more about Wix's hosting plans, click here.


Tidy-Up Package Benefits

  1. Quick turnaround time. Get your website up and running in a flash!

  2. Budget-friendly / lower cost; perfect small business start-ups with smaller budgets.

  3. Instead of starting over from scratch; save money by working off your original design.


Still on the Fence?

A Wix Mini Makeover is perfect for anyone who...
  • has already set up all of the site content and main layout of their Wix website, but just needs a pro to go through their site design (page by page) and make sure that everything is perfectly aligned and the placement of all of their content works within the layout of each page.

  • is happy with the overall design of their website design and just needs quick polishing up to give it an overall more professional completed look.



  • Base cost of $300 for (2-section) landing/home page design

  • Additional (2-section) pages $100/per page

  • Additional sections needing to be added to any page,$25/per section

**  All prices listed in USD.  Please email me if you are located in Canada and would like a quote in CAD.