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Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Keep your original design intact, and get a thorough tidying of your website layout.

Take your Wix website
from scary to merry!

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Need help putting some small finishing touches on your Wix website to give it a more professional look?  Did you know that it's often those tiny changes that can make ALL the difference?


Wix Website Tidy-Up will help elevate the layout and design of your site, and provide you with a finished site that you can't wait to show off.  

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

And exceptionally talented designer

with great instincts.


"Emily is terrific to work with. She's an exceptionally talented designer with great instincts, plus knows Wix inside out. We worked together on creating my first website and I've come back to Emily a few times for additional support. Would highly recommend her to anyone!!!"


Steve Dnistrian

Wix Tidy-Up is perfect for anyone who 

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Tapped into my style and preferences.


"Emily is so amazing to work with! She is talented, efficient and thorough. I designed a website two years ago that needed a massive overhaul and met her after requesting a WIX expert. She responded quickly to my project and we connected after a short telephone chat. She tapped into my style and preferences based on my old website and transformed it into a clean, modern site (for both desktop and mobile) that I am totally in love with. If you are looking for a new look, Starling Memory Creative is an excellent choice. "


Sara Vanden Berge

What's Included

  • Client design brief

  • General clean-up and proper alignment of all of your existing design elements and text boxes. 

  • Optional color palette customization and custom font pairings.

  • Assistance with website activation and linking of domain name.

  • Basic SEO set-up, including; keywords, page titles, tags, and descriptions.

  • Mobile version editing.

  • Choice of any Small Budget PreMade Logo from Starling Memory shop inventory.

  • Wix Tutorial Session (approx. 1hr)

Additional Information


  • All Wix sites are created under each client's account, as opposed to the website being transferred at the end of the design process.

  • Revisions to the design and layout of the website are unlimited during the design phase. Once final approval has been given, additional fees for website editing may apply.

  • Domain name registration and hosting fees are paid by each client, and not included in any of Starling Memory's web design packages.  To find out more about Wix's hosting plans, click here.



Base cost of $300 for (2-section) landing/home page design


Additional (2-section) pages $100/per page


Additional sections needing to be added to any page,$25/per section

**  All prices listed in USD.  Please email me if you are located in Canada and would like a quote in CAD.

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Spruce up your website with a proffesional touch.

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