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Content Writing

Having a hard time naming your business, or finding the perfect tagline, or phrasing, to say exactly what you want to say?
Starling Memory offers writing services to complement all of your business needs; including Business Naming, Tagline Writing, and 'About Me' Page Writing.


Whether you're starting from scratch, or simply need a hand editing your existing content; Starling Memory will help you whip things into shape and get your website content ready for the world to see, making sure your content is easy to read, flowing written content.

What is content writing?


Yes, it's true...a picture can tell a thousand words, but using the right wording to describe yourself or what your business has to offer, is just as essential to your business branding as your visual identity.


Content Writing, Copywriting, or Business Writing consists of all of the written text that is featured throughout your website and printed marketing materials.  Like all styles of writing; Content Writing is an art form that involves a combination of technical, and creative skills. 


Quality Content Writing will not only help attracts potential customers to your website but will also help sell your products and/or services.

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Quality written content will not only help you attract potential customers to your website, but can also help you sell your products and/or services more efficiently.

Content Writing Services



Your business name should represent everything your business stands for - whether it's light and whimsical, or dark and eclectic.  Unfortunately reality bites, and finding the perfect name for your business can sometimes feel like the most impossible task in the world - especially when your dying to set up shop and just need to settle on a name to get things going! 


If this feels like what you are going through right now, then maybe finding some help with the naming process is just what you need.



If writing your own tagline feels like the most impossible task in the world, look no further!

This service will help you summarize your products or services into the perfect tagline, that will resonate with your ideal clientele!  Your business tagline should represent everything your business stands for - whether it's fun and playful, or technically descriptive.


If writing your own 'About Me' or 'Bio' page feels like trying to squeeze your half wet, freshly showered body, into a pair of tight skinny jeans; I'm here to help!

Your 'About Me' page is probably one of the most visited pages on your website, which is why it should completely reflect who you are and what you represent for you brand or business.


SEO Writing is the result of a choosing the right word combinations, that will help boost a website’s search rankings on the internet and help a website get found.  Writing effective SEO is a process involving technical skill, as well as analytical and creative thinking.  SEO can be included directly within your website’s written content, as well as other areas of your website.  If writing  your own website SEO sounds complicated and intimidating, you may need a helping hand to get you through the process and get your website ready to launch!


Starling Memory offers SEO Writing services on a package basis; with pricing options varying depending on the total number of pages of your website.  All SEO Writing packages include the following details;


  • Google Description

  • Website and page Specific long tail keywords

  • Header Tags and Page Titles

  • Tags and description of images and photos

  • Overview and feedback of existing website content


**Please note: SEO Writing packages do not include any individual website Content Writing services.  Individual Content Writing services can be ordered individually as a seperate service. 


For order placement and quote request, please email



  • Product and Service Information Page Content

  • Policy Page Content

  • FAQ Page Content

  • Product Descriptions

  • SEO Writing

  • Google Descriptions

  • Online Forms

  • Newsletters



  • Brochures

  • Resumes

  • Postcards and Rack Cards

  • Flyers and Posters

  • Print Ads



In order to help my clients brainstorm for their own business writing needs, I have created a series of task specific DIY worksheets to help in the creative writing process.


The 'Complete Bundle' is currently available for purchase in my Etsy shop..

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