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Wix Website

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An easy and affordable starting point, for anyone needing to establish their online presence, with the option to add more page sections, or pages, as needed.

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A functional and engaging home page is the building block of any website.  It can be as simple as an online business card or act as a temporary landing page while your full website is under construction.  A single-page site can also include multiple page sections to help visually organize your content within a longer scrolling page.


A new custom single-page website can feature; your business branding, contact information, social media links, and any content you would like to include, which can easily be navigated through using a traditional menu navigation system.


What's Included


  • Client design brief

  • Brand new Wix website, custom-designed completely from scratch!

  • Custom color palette customization and custom font pairings

  • Implementation of design elements, available through the Wix platform (ex: stock photos, vectors graphics, etc…)

  • Website activation and domain linking

  • Basic SEO set-up, including; keywords, page titles, tags and optimized Google description

  • Mobile editing

Choice of ANY Custom PreMade Logo from Starling Memory's shop inventory ($150 value)


Complimentary 1hr Wix Tutorial Session ($100 value) 


Package Benefits

A great option for anyone looking for a simple, clean layout, that is easy to self-maintain.

Option to add additional page sections as needed, with user-friendly menu navigation.

Perfect for informational or blog-based websites. 

Before you take the next step...


a Wix New Custom 'Single-Page' Design package is perfect for anyone who

  • wants a great-looking custom-designed website that is also easy to self-maintain.

  • already has all (our most) of their content entered into their site.

  • has realized that they either don't have the time to design their own website, or the skills to make it look professionally designed.

  • wants a website that will be catered to their business needs and client base, while showcasing their one-of-a-kind branding.



  • Base cost of $700 includes a 3-section single-page design

  • Additional (2-section) pages $175 per page

  • Additional sections needing to be added to any page, $50/per section



One-on-One Wix Website Co-Creation


Would you love being part of the website design process in the most hands-on way possible?

This VIP package add-on will have us co-creating your website together at an accelerated pace, which will include prioritized services, and dedicated time in my schedule for 2 one-on-one Co-Creation Sessions.

Book a discovery call to find out if this package add-on is right for you.



What platform do you work in?

Starling Memory's Wix Website Design services are offered through the original Wix Editor


Will my website be created under my account, or transferred to me at the end of the project?

All Wix websites are created under my clients' accounts. I don't hold possession of any website, so my clients have full access to their own websites throughout the entire process.

Will I need to know how to code to maintain my Wix website?

When using the original Wix Editor platform, you will not need to have any coding knowledge to maintain your own website.


Do your website packages include content writing?

All written content is provided by my clients.  Writing services can also be purchased as a separate service. Please email me for more information, or learn more about what I offer here.


How many revisions are included in your Wix Design packages?

Revisions to the design and layout of the website are unlimited during the design phase. Once final approval has been given, additional fees for website updates would apply.

Do your packages include domain registration and hosting?

Domain name registration and hosting fees are paid by my clients (directly to Wix), and are not included in any of my packages.  To find out more about Wix's hosting plans, click here.

Have more questions?

Read my FAqs and Important Info here.

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Professional, prompt, attentive.

"Starling Memory was professional, prompt, attentive to my creative needs and change requests, and helpful to provide suggestions on items that I may have overlooked. The prices were always upfront so that there were no misunderstandings. Most of all, her flexibility and adaptability was tuned to my iterative project process. Thank you Emily for your skill, technical savvy, and artistic collaboration on this SEO project and Website work."


Gina Lam  (Ginalina)

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Ready for a new single-page Wix Website that will help you attract your ideal client?

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