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Wix Info

What is Wix?  

Wix is a cloud-based, user-friendly web design platform that allows users to create professional websites, using drag-and-drop tools - no coding required! has completely revolutionized the world of web design; now making it easier than ever to build and maintain your own website, without any coding knowledge.  Pretty amazing right.?


The Wix design platform is accessible online at, and if you're new to Wix and interested in checking it out; getting started is completely free!  

How Wix Takes the Cake


Wix allows their users to create fully customized websites, at an affordable price...with no coding knowledge required!!!  Sounds crazy right?


How did web design suddenly become so accessible? Because of the brilliant creators of Wix, that's why ♥

= SAVINGS  $$$


The #1 advantage of having your website designed on the Wix platform, is being able to
maintain it yourself.


This newfound independence will not only help you out financially by not having to pay a designer or developer for ongoing site maintenance fees, but you'll also appreciate the convenience of having full control of when you can change your content
and update your website.


Wix's design editing tools were created with the average user; in mind and not specifically for professional web designers or developers.  What this means for you is that if you can send an email, you can edit your own website.


If you're brand new to Wix, and still not sure Wix will be the best option for your blog or website; I highly recommend doing your own research starting with the following link:


WordPress is an alternative website design platform that many people have tried to build their first sites on, and have quickly discovered that it is not the most user-friendly option for DIYers.


If you're like me, and you like simple and uncomplicated things - Wix is for you.


If you like saving money and need a professional website - Wix is also for you.


If you'd like to find out more about why Wix is so awesome, check out this article on Forbes.




Once your new website has been designed by Starling Memory, a phone tutorial 'walk-through' session will be scheduled to go over the basic functions of the Wix platform.  This phone tutorial session will cover all the basic functions of your new Wix website; giving you the confidence you need to maintain your own website.


If after this phone session, you are still in need of assistance, you can pop over to Wix's handy support center for additional support from Wix's amazing technical team.


If maintaining your own website is not your cup of tea, Starling Memory also offers ongoing site maintenance services, please email for more information.


To check out how the folks at Wix can help you with ongoing support for your new website, please visit

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Additional Information


As a Wix Partner, I offer all of my design services independently (on a freelance basis); which also means that I have no direct affiliation with Wix other than being accredited by Wix as Wix Pro Designer; in other words - I am not employed by Wix.


If you find yourself needing to design a new Wix website, make changes to an existing Wix website, please contact me directly via email at


If you have a question regarding Wix services or are in need of technical assistance with a Wix website that was not designed by myself, and you are not looking to hire a designer such as myself; please visit


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