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My name is Emily, and I am your creative guide,
aka Starling Memory.


I like to apply a simple, accessible approach to brand development, that helps people feel awesome about their brand, and their business!


I understand firsthand the challenges that small business owners and self-employed individuals are dealing with - from those very first 'start-up' baby steps, as well as all the little details that play a part in making a memorable brand.   My passion is helping people explore their own creativity, and discover the story behind their brand.​

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Feeling stuck in your creativity, and brand development process?  I get it!​

Like you, as a small business owner/self-employed individual, I have experienced ALL of the stages of starting a small business (including the 'side hustle'), and starting everything from the ground up!

At some point in this journey, I have second-guessed myself on almost everything.


Over the years, I've had to become friends with my fear, and faced almost every possible challenge of being an independent solopreneur including;


  • creative blocks

  • financial challenges

  • raising children

  • and just plain YIKES!


Aside from my family, earning a living doing something I love, is my ultimate joy in life.  My creativity is the most amazing gift, and to share it with others is a blessing beyond words.  This joy is my creative fuel and loving energy that I pour into every project, to eventually help my clients achieve their own "joy goals".

Image by Lara Baeriswyl

There is no end

to what we can do together (Together)


~ Paul McCArtney & Wings


You're not exactly a 'brand specialist'.

You're struggling with finding the ability to begin crafting your ultimate brand vision, and you need some expert help, that also fits within your budget.


You've been feeling a little low in the creative self-confidence department.

You haven't been sure how to market yourself and the unique services or products you provide, and still feel authentic and genuine.


You've realized you need professional guidance and a creative sounding board.

Working with a Brand Clarity Guide will give you the guidance you need to help you focus on your branding goals, stay organized, and achieve the clarity you've been searching for.


You have a budget. YAY!

Whether it be big or small; you understand that developing your brand is a valuable investment, and also a necessary step to help you achieve your business goals.  Starling Memory offers flexible services and pricing packages, combined with a small studio experience, that creates a more personalized approach to the creative process.


About Me

Interested in getting to know me a little better?  Learn more about my story here, and find out more about my background and what it might be like to work with me here.


Client Reviews

I've had the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing and inspiring people, from all over the world - many who have been kind enough the share a few lovely words about their experience working with me - you can read what they have to say here.



I LOVE questions, and welcome them anytime!  If you have a question for me, or if you're just curious about my processes and policies, please visit my FAQ page or get in touch.


Thanks for stopping by!



Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Ready to get started?

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