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Wix Mobile Editing

Desktop version?  Check!
Do you need a pro to only edit your mobile version to give it a more polished look?
Image by Le Buzz Studio

Wix Mobile Editing services will help you finish your website, and get it ready for launch.

Image by Andrei Slobtsov

Feeling technically challenged?  Take some pressure off your launch, and hire a pro to put the finishing touches on your site for you.

the Details

Wix Mobile Editing services include:


  • Editing the layout of your Wix website's mobile version.

  • Adjustments the layout and design elements to ensure that the mobile design version of your site is functional and easy to navigate.



  • Base cost of $150 for landing/home page mobile editing

  • Additional pages $75/ per page

Additional Information


This package does not include any changes to your desktop version. For Wix Website Website packages that include both the desktop and mobile versions of your site, please click here.


Revisions to the mobile version are unlimited during the design phase. Once final approval has been given, additional fees for website editing may apply.

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