Wix Issue Fixing


Is your Wix website pretty much completed and ready to launch, but you just need a Wix Pro to help you solve a specific issue that isn't quite functioning as it should?


Starling Memory's Wix Issue Fixing services will provide you with the troubleshooting required to solve the issues at hand, as well as the actual work involved in solving each issue.

Wix Issue Fixing Service Benefits
  1. Super time-saving for busy folks!!

  2. Great option for the 'low-tech' types

  3. Get to the bottom of what is holding up your launch date.




  • Service includes possible liaising with Wix technical support team, but only for cases where issues require advanced assistance.

  • Sample issues can include but are not limited to; layout design, form functions, mobile editing, gallery display, seo, domain linking and more.


Additional Information


Wix Doctor Services do not include 'website design services'.  For more information on complete design packages, please click here.


Please note; Starling Memory Designs operates as a freelance designer and is not employed by Wix.  This means that Starling Memory does not represent or work for Wix's technical support team in any way.  Starling Memory's services are provided independently from the Wix support team.


Please email info@starlingmemory.com  with any questions, quote requests, or for order placement.


Still on the Fence?

A Wix Issue Fixing services are perfect for anyone who...
  • prefers to handle the design work themselves, and just needs a Wix Pro to finalize the technical details and get their website ready to go live.

  • is working with a smaller budget and need a website launched within a quick timeframe, and doesn't have the time to learn the ins and outs of the Wix platform.



  • Base cost of $100 min. (this fee covers up to 1hr of work on your website)

  • If the time required to resolve issue exceeds 1hr, additional charges will apply (at the rate of $100/hr)