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DIY About Me Page Writing Worksheet

DIY About Me Page Writing Worksheet

Need some help writing your dream ABOUT ME PAGE?

Feel like it's been harder than like trying to squeeze your half wet, freshly showered body, into a pair of tight skinny jeans? Guess what! It really doesn't have to be that hard, or that painful, with the help of this handy 4 PG ABOUT ME PAGE WRITING WORKSHEET.

Your ABOUT ME PAGE is probably one of the most visited pages on your website, which is why it should completely reflect who you are and what you represent for you brand.

This specially designed worksheet will help you summarize who you are, in the perfect ABOUT ME PAGE and help you connect with your site visitors.

Get organized about what to say, and get your creativity flowing with this amazing brainstorming worksheet that will help you make sure there's nothing you might have forgotten to include in your new bio.

Get ready to shine!

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