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Business Naming Writing Service

Business Naming Writing Service

Your business name should represent everything your business stands for - whether it's eclectic or buttoned-up.

Unfortunately reality bites, and naming your own business can sometimes feel like the most impossible task in the world, especially when your dying to set up shop and just need to settle on a name to get things going!

If this feels like what you are going through right now, than maybe finding some help with the naming process is just what you need.

With this listing, you will receive...

• A minimum of 15 CUSTOM BUSINESS NAMES (approx. average of 20-25 name variations)

• Once you have selected your business name, this name will be yours to research further and register and copyright if desired.

Please note:

• This service is a 'creative brainstorming service' and does not involve any kind of legalities such as; registering or transferring of naming rights.

• This service does not include any trademark searches...if you live in the USA, please visit for more information


Once this listing has been purchased, you will automatically be able to download my BUSINESS NAMING WORKSHEET in PDF format.

This worksheet will need to be completed and returned to me, so the naming process can begin.

This worksheet will help you organize your creative ideas and act as a great brainstorming tool. It will also give me the all the information I need to create a personalized name for your business.

  • Refunds or exchanges will only be provided prior to the completion and delivery of your worksheet.

Excluding GST/HST
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