Need a new website and not sure how to get started?

Need a Wix Pro Designer to bounce some creative ideas around with, or work out some website planning and strategizing?

Starling Memory offers a personalized, one-on-one 'Wix Pro Website Design Consultation' service for anyone who is just gearing up to create their own website, or maybe in planning phases to redesign their existing website.  Get some professional advice and a better idea of which direction to take with the overall design, app functions, or just to get more familiar with the Wix editing platform.

Receive a 1hr phone consultation, providing direct advice and feedback regarding your existing Wix website, or the planning of your new site. This consultation can also include suggestions on how to improve your overall branding, layout, as well as your site navigation and content. Consultations can also be provided via by email.


  • If you already have a website started....

    • Once you have purchased this listing, please provide me with your current website url link.
    • After I have reviewed your existing website, we can either schedule a phone call consultation, or discuss via email.
    • Phone consultations can last up to 1hr.
    • I can be contacted directly by phone (at client's expense.), or by free Skype phone - contact details can be provided with order. 

    If you do not already have a website started...

    • Consultations can begin via email and be kept to email, but only if this is method of communication is preferred.
    • Phone consultations can also be scheduled at client's expense.

    ♥♥ Discounts will be offered towards any Wix website orders that were initiated through a consultation - please contact me for more information.

    • Full payments required prior to any coaching services can be provided.
    • Secure online payment methods include; Paypal, as well as all major credit cards.
    • Refunds or exchanges are not possible once coaching services have been provided.



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