SEO Writing is the result of a choosing the right word combinations, that will help boost a website’s search rankings on the internet and help a website get found.  Writing effective SEO is a process involving technical skill, as well as analytical and creative thinking.  SEO can be included directly within your website’s written content, as well as other areas of your website.  If writing  your own website SEO sounds complicated and intimidating, you may need a helping hand to get you through the process and get your website ready to launch!
All SEO Writing packages include the following details;

- Google Description
- Website and page Specific long tail keywords
- Header Tags and Page Titles
- Tags and description of images and photos
- Overview and feedback of existing website content
- Up to 3 pages (add more pages when ordering)


    • Payment in full is required prior to any creative work beginning on any website design service.
    • Payment arrangments can be offered for any orders above $500, however payment in full is due prior to website design completion.  Details can be discussed via email prior to placing an order for services.
    • Secure online payment methods include; Paypal, as well as all major credit cards.
    • Refunds or exchanges are not possible once design brief has been returned by client and work has begun.

      Please note:
    • SEO Writing packages do not include any individual website Content Writing services. Individual Content Writing services can be ordered individually as a seperate service. For order placement and quote request, please email



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