This amped-up 'Full Landing Page' package offers everything the 'Small Landing Page' package has to offer, but with an extra long scrolling page, with extra space for; a feature gallery, additional written content and multiple sections that can easily be navigated with an optional menu.  This package can also be ordered as a 'Single-Page Blog' package!

Feature your business branding, any important information about your business, social media links, as well a place for you to showcase your products or portfolio in a beautiful photo gallery.

Starling Memory's Custom Wix Website Design packages offer a completely customized approach to your branding your business and website design.

All custom website packages are Made-to-Order, designed completely from scratch - this means no use of any pre-designed Wix templates, and more room for creativity....the result will be a completely one of a kind website !


  • Custom Full Landing Page (scrolling max length approx. page length 36", or 2700px) 

    • Custom Full Landing Page (scrolling max length approx. page length 36", or 2700px) ), mobile friendly HTML website design. 
    • Custom color palette creation.
    • Custom font combinations.
    • Choice of any PreDesigned Small Budget Logo from Starling Memory's shop inventory.
    • Assistance with website activation and domain name linking.
    • Optimized SEO writing, including; keywords, page titles, tags and custom Google description.
    • Mobile version editing and activation.
    • Phone or email tutorial for ongoing site self-maintenance (if needed).


    ** Written content provided by client.  Writing services can also be purchase das a seperate service. Please email for more information.

    ** All Wix sites are created under the client's account, allowing you full access during the entire design process.

    ** Revisions to the design are unlimited during the design phase. Once design has been completed and final approval has been given, additional fees for website maintenance and editing may apply.

    ** Additional custom website pages $150/per page.

    ** Domain name registration and hosting fees are paid by clients, and not included in any of Starling Memory's web design packages

    ** Unlimited Wix hosting plan fee is $12.42/mo. To find out more about Wix Premium Plans, click here.



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