If writing your own tagline feels like the most impossible task in the world, we're here to help!

This service will help you summarize your products or services into the perfect tagline, that will resonate with your ideal clientele!

Your business tagline should represent everything your business stands for - whether it's fun and playful, or technically descriptive.


    • Payment in full is required prior to any creative work beginning on any website design service.
    • Payment arrangments can be offered for any orders above $500, however payment in full is due prior to website design completion.  Details can be discussed via email prior to placing an order for services.
    • Secure online payment methods include; Paypal, as well as all major credit cards.
    • Refunds or exchanges are not possible once design brief has been returned by client and work has begun.

      Please note:
    • This service is a 'creative brainstorming service' and does not involve any kind of legalities such as; registering or transferring of naming rights.
    • This service does not include any trademark searches...if you live in the USA, please visit http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=tess&state=4007:kirm6h.1.1 for more information 

    • Once this listing has been purchased, you will be emailed a  TAGLINE WRITING BRIEF in Word doc. format.
    • This brief will need to be completed and return it, so the writing process can begin.
    • This brief will help you organize your creative ideas and act as a simple brainstorming tool.
    • It will also give me the all the information I need to create a personalized tagline for your business.
    • Minimum of 10 tagline variations provided.



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