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Who is Starling Memory?

the Lowdown

Starling Memory is an anagram for my name; Emily Armstrong.  I am a Brand Clarity Guide, Graphic Designer, Wix Website Designer, Brand Clarity Guide, and Content Writer.  My studio is located in Victoria, BC, which is on Vancouver Island, in the Canadian Pacific North West.


Starling Memories

The magic of my childhood influences everything that I do. 

Not only has this wonderment shaped how I see things as a creative entrepreneur, but this same sense of wonder feeds my curiosity - always seeking my next big challenge and always on the hunt for new inspiration!

As a child, going for an evening drive after dinner was cheap entertainment, and it was also a regular occurrence in my household.  It was during these dusk-lit drives that I first remember seeing murmurations of starlings forming the most beautiful fluid-like patterns over the city skies. Like water and air, moving in and out of each other; their dances were not only completely captivating to me, but also spoke to my soul in the most unearthly and mystical way.

As I grew older, I noticed less and fewer starlings in my city, but the feelings I experienced while watching the starlings has stayed with me.  These starlings will forever symbolize the untouchable magic of childhood that I still hold so dear to my heart.


A little more about me...

Pippi Long Stocking is my homegirl.

I am a thing-finder and never-ending daydreamer.

I started my first business at the age of 8, which involved finding lost treasures on the side of the road (and abandoned houses).  At 9, I started a second business selling bundles of firewood kindling door-to-door.  It was a huge success, but unfortunately, the biz momentum dwindled after approximately 1 week, which was largely due to a lack of individual enthusiasm resulting in production shortages.


My simple wish

May my creative talents find you and inspire you, and may they contribute to your life in the most positive way ♥

Chat soon,

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